Gap credit card services are processed by their issuer, Synchrony Bank, so you should contact them directly for information or questions about your Gap card. You can usually contact them by calling the number on the back of your credit card.


Information About Rewards

Earn Points And Rewards

Athleta, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and the Banana Republic give 5 points for every dollar spent in-store or online when you use their promo code. This equates to a 5% discount on future purchases of the original amount spent. Also, as it is a Visa card, you can use it outside the retail network (via PayPal and Afterpay) and earn 1 point for every $1 spent. You will lose your points after 12 months if you have not made any purchases on your account.

This is similar to the purchase incentives offered by credit cards for similar clothing brands today, although the value of the purchase card depends more on your preference for the brand than whether you buy it whether you like it or not.


Redeem Rewards On GAP Credit Cards

There’s only one way to redeem Gap Visa card points: make more Gap purchases with your credit card. Every time you earn 500 points at the Gap or one of its partner stores, you receive $5 in rewards as an incentive.

Multiple rewards can be awarded during each billing cycle, but no more than $250 in rewards can be awarded in any given month. If you spend enough to reach that limit, you’ll have to wait until next month to collect the remaining rewards.

Rewards can also be redeemed in-store or online by showing your rewards card or sharing your rewards code over the phone. Gift cards, statement credits, cash back and statement credits are not redeemable for Visa Gap Card Incentives.